Want to know more about AllPinkSlips.com? How we got our name? How about why we are here and what makes us special? You have questions? We have answers! Below is a list of the most Frequently Asked Questions for AllPinkSlips.com. We are happy and willing to answer any questions that you might have. Did we miss anything? If so, please let us know and we will be sure to answer those questions too! Thanks for checking us out at AllPinkSlips.com.
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Q: Where did the name AllPinkSlips.com come from?
A: AllPinkSlips.com is the brainchild of Jared Lubitz, a successful recruiting and staffing professional and was originally created to be a complement and commentary to the current trials and tribulations of the economic and job market downturn. It was originally conceived to gather information about all of the organizations laying off people in massive droves (ala Pink Slips). As the site was being created, the idea expanded beyond the doom and gloom of the current job market into providing useful and comprehensive information to help job seekers of all levels identify new employment opportunities.

Q: You talk about a one stop shop for job seekers, what do you really provide?
A: Great question. We have tried to cover every possible area that a job seeker might need. We have carefully laid out the hiring process from start to finish and tried to address each area of focus or concern. We started with trying to save your current job to how to handle layoffs should they happen, then how to search for a job and providing all the resources to make that a reality and more. We have also addressed the most common questions of how to create a resume, how to interview including what you should and should not say and how to land the job. We also include other information for the job seeker including unemployment resources, COBRA information and even provide access to professionals such as resume writers, career coaches and recruiting companies.

Q: How is AllPinkSlips.com different then Monster and Careerbuilder or other job sites?
A: We are frequently asked this question. First, we are fortunate that when people talk about AllPinkSlips.com we are typically mentioned in the same sentence as Monster, Careerbuilder and others but usually never compared (which is great) because we are different. Monster, Careerbuilder, and Yahoo Hot Jobs are terrific sites however; they typically focus more narrowly on offering jobs and resume postings. Also, many of these sites tend to allow recruiting companies to post many jobs rather then direct job postings from companies. While the value of these sites is undeniable and we not only feature them http://www.allpinkslips.com/find-a-job-boards.php, but also offer the same services ourselves, we wanted to provide even more. Our site focuses on providing every resource a job seeker might need to include a Resume Builder, Interviewing Tips, Unemployment Information, Educational Resources and Career Coaches, Resume Writers too!!!

Q: Is AllPinkSlips.com FREE to the Job Seeker?
A: Absolutely!!! In fact, most of the site does not even require a username or password, just the Post a Resume Section to safeguard personal information. Our site was created to provide an All-In-One, FREE, useful and streamlined tool for job seekers without any strings attached.

Q: Is the site only for Job Seekers?
A: Absolutely not. We have created a site that embraces any individual in the working world. In fact, we specifically have created a section called Company Gateway that allows companies to post an unlimited amount of jobs for a VERY LOW PRICE. The section also provides companies with the ability to search the resumes of job seekers who have posted their information on our website for FREE!!!!

Q: If the site is FREE how do you make any money?
A: Another great question. Let’s be honest, we are all in business to make money and we are no different. AllPinkSlips.com has created various different sources to generate revenue but primarily derives income from advertising and companies posting their job opportunities on our website.

Q: The site looks great but the job market changes constantly, how do I know that the information listed on your site will still be relevant in 3 months?
A: Being that the job market DOES change constantly, we change along with it. We are always changing and updating information as it becomes available and removing information as it becomes inaccurate. We work on our site all day every day to bring you the best product and the most accurate information available. We are also constantly looking at ways to improve and change the site to make for a better user experience. We welcome any and all feedback. Have an idea let us know at contact@allpinkslips.com.

Q: What happens to AllPinkSlips.com when the current job market crisis ends?
A: We thought of that. While AllPinkSlips.com was originally conceptualized to chronicle the current job market implosion we also did not want to just be around for the bad times. People will always need jobs and always be looking! While the current mindset for many is to get back to work, there are still many people who are looking for better jobs and there will always be a need for that. Also the Baby Boomer generation (the largest ever in the US’s History) will eventually be retiring thus creating a huge lack of qualified job seekers and many available needs and we want to help and be around for those good times too!!!

Q: What happens to my information that I post on AllPinkSlips.com
A: We take privacy and piracy very seriously at AllPinkSlips.com. We use the latest technologies and safeguards to protect every user’s information. We constantly look for new ways to encrypt and protect the information on our site both entered by us and our users.

Q: Are you well funded?
A: Yes, we are funded privately and plan to be in business a very long time…

Q: How much wood could a wood chuck chuck, if a wood chuck could chuck wood?
A: A lot!

Any questions we did not answer?

Please send us an email at contact@allpinkslips.com and we will be sure to address them.

Good Luck and Happy Searching!!!!
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