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" is making news. See what others are saying about the site and what the buzz is all about!"
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Looking for a New Job? Follow the Pink Slips
Jared Lubitz, President of is interviewed by Smart Money about unemployment and trends in the marketplace. Check it out!!!

In Hollywood Magazine Job Seekers One Stop Shop is interviewed by In Hollywood Magazine about our offerings and what we can provide for the Job Seekers. From recent graduates, to young/mid career professionals, to executives who have been laid off, there are many strong candidates on the market. Despite their qualifications, they may not know where to begin. This is where comes into play.

B-Schoolers, At Least Someone Has It Worse... receives Honorable Mention in Business Week, While a number of MBA students have also had employment deferred, the deferrals in the legal community are truly staggering by comparison.

The Newest Job-Hunting Recession Tool: Self-Branding: Launch Your Own Personal PR Campaign What should job seekers do in the worst economy since the Great Depression?
THE ONE-STOP JOB SEARCH: ( provides access to thousands of job postings as well as resources to save your current job, tips to find a new one, a job chat forum, interviewing advice, a resume builder and more…

Job Hunting? Launch Your Own Personal PR campaign
But even before you get the chance to present yourself, how do you know where to search for a job? Where do you go to submit a resume, find an appropriate opportunity, or learn how to effectively network? A new site has been created specifically to solve these problems…
Article Link: Job Hunting?

CBS4 Miami
4 Your Money: New Website To Help You Find A Job
MIAMI (CBS4) A new website designed to help you find a job was created by a South Florida man who says it's a one stop shop for employment resources. CBS4 put her in touch with the creator of a new website called The website promises to help people find work. Miami Edition
A job requires doing a mess of things you don't want to: perfecting cover letters, writing resumes, scouring job boards, and worse, working. For a job site that puts everything you need under one roof, hit AllPinkSlips. APS's a slick, all-in-one job search tool box, which puts everything you need to launch your search in one place…
Article Link: AllPinkSlips

97.3 Coast FM Miami, FL
Sunday Morning Along the Coast President and Founder Jared Lubitz, talks with Tamara G from Those Two Girls in the Morning about the website and how it can help Job seekers get back to work.

MyFox Houston
Website Prepares You for a Pink Slip - Many say no one is immune from getting laid off, which is why everyone should have this Website of the Day handy. From keeping the job you have, to finding a new one, the website

NBC Newschannel 5 WPTV West Palm Beach, FL
New Boca Based Website for Job Seekers
BOCA RATON, FL -- This month marks the launch of, a comprehensive, easy-to-use website that claims to bring all aspects of the job search together in one convenient destination. The site was created to simplify and focus the efforts of job seekers.

97.3 Coast FM Miami, FL
Radio Interview with Those Two Girls in the Morning Julie Guy and Tamara G
Founder and President of Jared Lubitz talks with Those Two Girls in the Morning on Coast FM in Miami. The conversation covers the website and the tools and information available on the site.

NBC 12 Richmond, VA
Job Seeking Goes High-Tech
RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - If you're one of the many people still looking for a job - you may want to consider taking that search high tech. Job Seekers are logging onto more advanced sites such as . It describes itself as a one stop online portal for job seekers. Not only does it claim to help people looking for work, it helps those already working by having the latest information on companies looking to layoff and chat services that allow people to network online.
Video/Audio Link: Job Seeking goes high tech

ABC 15 Phoenix, AZ
New Website Helps Valley Job Seekers Find Employment
PHOENIX -- The economy is tough. No one doubts that. But that's where a new website comes in -- The site helps you track layoffs and will even help with you job search. That's good news for the many looking for work. So what makes different? The creators say it combines many features of other job search sites and rolls them into one.

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